Thursday, 14 April 2016

Predatory publishers: the fight back starts here

The International Journal of Complete 5h1t (IJCS) - call for paper (serrated)

Dear Esteemed Dr Predator


I hope you are feeling frisky and gay this day!!!!!!!

Thank you for your invitation to publish in your worthless and fraudulent journal; sadly I must decline because I am too busy to waste my time writing something that will remove a sizeable chunk of my income and have a negative effect on my reputation.  I don't give a damn that you'll promise to publish it - probably within the week - after rigorous peer review.  Publishing within a week and rigorous peer review are mutually exclusive and if you expect me to fall for that then you must think I am as stupid, as you are corrupt.

Forgive my intrusion into your inbox but you saw fit to intrude into mine and every time you do so you will receive this email, or an even more offensive one.  I am not esteemed, I don't know who you are - and don't care - and your enquiries after my health or state of mind are irrelevant diversions from your criminal intentions.

Those of us who receive your daily, repetitive and obsequious drivel are getting tired and we are going to fight back.  We are going to make sure that as many people as possible know what your intentions are, that our universities take steps to prevent academics publishing in your pages and we are not going to stop until you are no longer in business and stop preying on hard-working but naive academics.

With amiable best wishes that you have a great day

Yours in scholarship

Ripov D Lotya
World Editor

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